Location and how to reach Geckos Hostel


Unbeatable! We are, in fact, located in the center of Lagoa da Conceição. We are just minutes walk from numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, banks, shops, parks, bus stops, post office, supermarkets and more!  

Geckos Hostel

How to arrive




  1. Exit the airport terminal and walk to the right. 
  2. Take the 431 bus to the Terminal Central de Florianopolis (TICEN). 
  3. From TICEN take the 320 or 330 bus to LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO TERMINAL (TILAG). 
  4. From the LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO TERMINAL you have 4 options. 


Option 1 

  • Take the 360 bus to BARRA DA LAGOA and get off in front of restaurant Oliveira (3rd stop) before the bus crosses the bridge.  
  • Look for the supermarket HARMONIA, walk towards the supermarket keeping to the left and you will find the street RITA LORENÇO DA SILVEIRA.  
  • Walk along this street and you will find GECKOS HOSTEL at #325. We are 20 meters after the small supermarket MERCADO LAGOA (ex Bom Jesus). 


Option 2 

  • Take the 362 bus to CANTO DOS ARASAS or the 363 bus to JOAQUINA.  
  • Get off at the small supermarket MERCADO LAGOA (ex Bom Jesus) (4th stop). We are 20 meters from the small supermarket at #325. 


Option 3 

  • From the LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO TERMINAL you can walk to the property. 
  • It is a 10 to 15 minute walk through the town. 


Option 4 

  • A taxi can be taken from the AIRPORT or the LONG DISTANCE BUS TERMINAL for approximately R$45 to R$50.  




      1. Leave the LONG DISTANCE BUS TERMINAL and walk to the right for 200 meters until you reach Terminal Central de Florianopolis (TICEN) 
      2. Follow the steps outlined in “FROM THE AIRPORT” from step 3 onwards.